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These testimonials from current and former clients may help you to determine if this is the right studio for you or your child.

"We searched for a violin teacher who would have just the right combination of technical expertise and ability to relate well to a child. We auditioned at some of the area's well known music schools, but did not find a good match. A friend who is a professional musician referred us to Susan. We have been so fortunate to study with her. She has raised the bar on the technical aspects of my daughter's violin playing but more than that has given her someone to encourage her love of music with joy and passion and humor. Her lessons involve laughter and a joy, and the result is a better student who absolutely loves to play violin."     ~ Anita C.

"Thank you for absolutely everything.  You pushed me to new heights that I never would have achieved on my own.  Central District was laughable last year, and this year I got that unexpected All-State recommendation, thanks to you.   You broke me, in a good way, and unlocked my potential.  For that, I cannot thank you enough."      ~ Jake G. 



Susan has been my daughter's viola teacher for the past 8 years (5th to 12th grade), and she has become a wonderful friend and mentor.  Susan teaches in a very positive way - think challenging with a dash of fun.  She believes in a student's ability to excel, and has gone above and beyond many times to help my daughter prepare for important auditions and accommodate with her crazy schedule.  Susan is a fantastic teacher, and we are very grateful that she has so effectively shared her love and knowledge of music with our daughter.  ~ Mary Ellen R.



"You are without a doubt my favorite teacher ever.  Thank you for all these years of teaching me viola."      ~  Joseph W.


"Finding the right viola teacher for my daughter was difficult until we found Susan. Her thoughtful approach to teaching accommodated my daughter's unique learning style while challenging her in supportive ways."    ~ Dino M.

"Susan spent about 1 hour with my daughter, and within that short amount of time, she was playing a new song using techniques that she hadn't learned in class at school.  When she got back to school, her teacher was impressed with the advanced technique. It was an amazing hour!"    

~ Pleased Parent in Mashpee, MA



"I only heard amazing things about your trio's music and playing.  The woman sitting behind me was a musician/singer and was crying...  Thank you for taking the time to work with me on the music.  Everything was perfect.  You all sounded exquisite in that church!"     ~  Rebecca R. (mother of the bride)


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