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Student Accomplishments 

2022 (fully virtual situation this year, so limited participation)

Junior Districts - Scott L. (violin)


Senior Districts - Brendan M.* (viola)

Junior Districts - Siri U., Nikhita V., Eliza O. (violin)
Brendan M. principal WYSO, Flora P. assistant principal WYSO


All-State - Emily R. (viola)
Senior Districts - Brendan M., Emily N,. Emily R. (top score!)*, John K. (viola); Joshua C. (violin)

Junior Districts - Siri U. (violin)
Emily R. - principal Boston Youth Symphony Repertory Orchestra, Brendan M. principal WYSO


Senior Districts - John K.*, James H., Emily R. (viola); Joshua C. (violin)

Junior Districts - Elizabeth N., Siri U., Liza Jane B. (violin)
Brendan M. - WYO Honors String Quartet
Former Student, Joseph Wang winner of Windham Orchestra concerto competition

Performs Bohuslav Martinu's Rhapsody Concerto


Senior Districts - Johnathan K.*, James H., John K. (viola)

Junior Districts - Chantalle C. & Liza Jane B. (violin)
Jonathan K. - principal viola WYSO, Chantalle C, concertmaster WYPO


Senior Districts - Vanessa N. (violin); Daniel R., Johnathan K., Katherine S. (viola)

Junior Districts - John K., Brendan M. (viola); Victoria V., Chantalle C. (violin)
Jonathan K. - principal viola WYSO, Chantalle C, concertmaster WYPO


Senior Districts - Sarik G.* (Eastern District)

Junior Districts - James H., Brendan M., John K. (viola)


All-State - Katie R
Senior Districts - Katie R. (top score viola!)*, Jake G.* (violin)

Junior Districts - Jonathan K. (asst principal), Daniel R., Alyshia M., Meher G., James H. (viola);
                               Joseph W. (principal 2nd violin)
Other news - Joseph Wang performs Telemann Viola Concerto with Worcester Youth Baroque Orchestra


Senior Districts - Katie R.*

Junior Districts - Joseph W. (top score!), Jonathan K., Meher G., Sruthi T., James H. (viola); Emilie K. (violin)


Senior Districts - Katie R., Walsh K. (viola)

Junior Districts - Nisa B., Sruthi T. (viola); Emilie K. (violin)


All-State - Rebekah L. (viola)
Senior Districts - Rebekah L. (top score!)*, Kaitlin D. (viola); Erin W. (violin)

Junior Districts - Walsh K., Nisa B., Elizabeth G. (viola)


All-State - Rebekah L. (viola)
Senior Districts - Rebekah L.*, Erin W. (viola)

Junior Districts - Walsh K., Katie R.


Junior Districts - Katie R., Abbie M. (viola); Shaimae O. (violin)


Senior Districts - Logan M. (viola)


Senior Districts - Cathryn W. (viola)


Senior Districts - Cathryn W.* (asst principal viola), Ellen B. (violin)
Junior Districts - Chris B. (viola)


Junior Districts - Ellen B. (violin)


Junior Districts - Annie M., Danielle R. (viola)

* denotes All-State recommendation

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